Customise your Bentley in style

A Bentley is a special car that needs special attention. If you own a Bentley and want to add some more panache to your automobile (in addition to its existing trendsetting features) you could consider going in for a body kit and have your car customised to reflect your own personal style. While body kits primarily serve to enhance the visual appeal of the car they may also help to improve performance in some cases.

Budget: The first thing to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend on the type of body kit. E.g. if you are buying a fibreglass kit it comes in two different qualities with the first high-quality resin and the other a more brittle version. You get what you end up paying for!

Type of material: Bentley Body Kits come in a wide variety of material like carbon fibre, polyurethane, fibreglass, ABS plastic and composite materials etc. The ability of the kit and its weight is subject to your choice of material. Each of the materials has its own pros and cons. E.g. Polyurethane is easy to install and durable, carbon fibre the most expensive and fibreglass can be easily damaged etc.

Choice of manufacturer: You need to do your homework before purchasing a body kit. You need to find out about the type of materials used, warranty and areas it covers. Also, inquire if any body parts need to be removed for installation. The risk of removing factory installed parts is that it could leave the car manufacturer’s warranty void.

Components: The range of body part kits is subject to the make of the car and the manufacturer of the kit. As a norm body kits comprise of side skirts, spoilers and bumpers with roof scoops and side guards available. You need to only change those parts you feel will improve the look of the car. A bumper kit involved total replacement, while a lip kit makes it possible to attach to existing parts.

Insurance: Changing the body kit may be considered as a modification, so check your insurance company rules. Before making any changes verify the terms of the insurance policy to avoid any breach, which will invalidate the policy.

Kind of look: Your choice of body kit depends on the type of appearance you want to achieve for your car. There are a variety of body kits to choose from with the result to be considered before buying a kit. E.g. Lowering kits can give your car a race car feel and look but you need to consider the road clearance.

Performance: While body kits primarily are for aesthetic purposes some also improve the performance of the vehicle. If you aim to create an aerodynamic vehicle the shape and weight of the body kit must be suitable for the car, as it could affect the stability of the vehicle at top speeds. This is more so when you plan to modify a car for use in races.