Get a swanky new body kit for your Porsche

Owning a high-end car like a Porsche is every car owners’ dream. In terms of performance and style, Porsche is still miles ahead of the competition. If you have an older model of Porsche and are seriously considering something new you could instead choose to upgrade your car. After all, there is nothing better than retaining a classic, while giving it a brand new look thanks to the wide variety of Porsche body kits available in the market. You could choose to buy these kits either from an auto store or better still order it online. The benefit of buying online is the sheer variety of options available to choose from. Majority of the body kits are manufactured from ABS Plastic, fibreglass or polyurethane.

ABS Plastic body kit: Among the closest things that you will find your car body parts manufactured from. A number of car manufacturers utilise ABS plastic extensively to build body panels. Machines manufacture these body kits. While they may not be as flexible as poly-urethane body kits, they are much easier to paint. One of the most attractive features of these body-kits is that they closely resemble the original body panels of the car. However, ABS plastic body kits are much more expensive than fibreglass body kits as they are capital intensive to build and design.

Fibreglass body kit: These are the popularly used body kits by car owners. The primary reason is that they are more economical to manufacture. Almost the entire fibreglass body kit is handmade consequently they do not have the same precise finish and fitting as machine-made body kits. That said, a majority of fibreglass body kits do not survive a minor collision like for e.g. a poly-urethane body kit. Despite this, fibreglass surfaces are ideal to paint and the material is warp-resistant in the most extreme weather conditions. These are among the most affordable of body kits in the market. There even are high-end fibreglass body kits which utilise a special flex resin that offers both affordability and durability.

Poly-urethane body kit: Poly-urethane PU is material made from rubber. Urethane body kits are costlier than fibreglass kits as they are much more expensive to manufacture. PU body kits are manufactured from heavy-duty moulds and machine-made, which gives them a precise finish. Another plus with PU body kits is that they can withstand a fender bender and mostly remain intact. While it is a great material to buy a Porsche body kit made of PU there are a few drawbacks to them. The first is that they tend to warp in extreme climatic conditions, so you would need to store the car in a garage when not in use in extreme weather. Secondly, the surface does not allow paint to adhere easily so it requires intensive labour when painting to ensure the material has the right coat of paint. They are also far more expensive than fibreglass body kits.

At the end of the day as the car owner, the choice of a body kit is a decision to be taken after careful consideration and subject to the amount you are willing to spend on the car.