Stylise your Audi to make it stand out

Audi car owners who want their car to stand out from the crowd have several options to change the feel and look of the automobile. As Audi cars come in a few select colours, one of the best ways to make your vehicle stand out from its peers is getting a paint job done, which the company does not offer. Similarly changing the body kit, adding graphics and decals, tinted windows etc. all can transform the look of the car and make it truly unique.

Among components, body kits are a popular choice to create a customised look for the car. These include front and rear bumpers, spoilers, side wings etc. Converting the doors remarkably changes the look of the car. These can either open from the rear or upwards like a Lamborghini. To give the car a stylish ground-hugging appearance a lowering kit can be installed. There are many options to revolutionise the look and feel of your Audi and make it a one-of-a-kind car on the road.

A few handy tips to customise your Audi are as follows:

Change the body kit: Changing the body kit will go a long way in changing the feel and the appearance of the car. Audi Body kits come for various models and include parts like front and rear bumpers, side skirts or bars, spoilers etc. These are made from aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre and ABS plastic. ABS plastic is the most inexpensive with carbon fibre the most expensive but durable.

Front and Back Bumpers: Adding a new pair of front and back bumpers will change the look dramatically. There are a variety of styles that are manufactured for Audis. Check out a wide variety before selecting a set that appeals to your aesthetic tastes.

Side Skirts and Bars: Give the car a whole new dimension and are a popular choice for customisation.
Spoilers: Apart from visual appeal they also can enhance performance at higher speeds. They are available for almost all Audi models.

Install a lowering kit: They change the look dramatically while lowering the centre of gravity of the gar leading to better performance. Come for all types of Audi models and can be installed in a garage or even at home.

Door Conversion Kit: These can change the door direction when it opens and come in rear-opening and gull-wing styles.

Rear-Opening Doors: These open from the rear and are called suicide doors. Ideal for a two-door car or on the rear of a four-door automobile.

Gull-wing Doors: These open upwards like in a Lamborghini. These have a tremendous impact on the look of the car.

Get a fresh paint job: Get your Audi painted in an exclusive colour not offered by the manufacturer at a customised paint shop. It also helps to prolong the life of the car body for older models.

Add decals and graphics: Have custom graphics and decals added to the Audi including logos to give it a sleek appearance.

Get tinted windows: Apart from offering privacy, tinted windows add substantially to the style quotient of a car.